About K-Tag

Why is the sticker K-TAG now free?

We are proud to announce that the sticker K-TAG is now FREE. It allows you to travel the Kansas Turnpike, faster, easier and it saves you money on every toll! You no longer have to stop to get a ticket. You no longer need to worry about finding change. We have made it EASY.

Our goal is to make travel more convenient for you. Whether you travel the turnpike every day or once a year - K-TAG is now for everyone.

Simply link your account to a credit card and drive worry-free. Your tolls will be deducted from your card at the end of each month.

If you have any questions, contact us.

How do I mount my tag?

For the sticker tag, peel off the back and install behind your rear view mirror. For detailed instructions, please view the video below.

For the portable hardcase tag, peel off backing from the hook-and-loop tape attached to the tag. Press the tag firmly against the windshield.

For the bumper-mounted external tag that mounts on the front license plate of your vehicle: position the tag so that the holes in the tag baseplates correspond to the top holes in the upper portion of the vehicle license plate area. Tighten bolts with a wrench to secure tag to vehicle.

What if I purchase a new car or replace my windshield?

If you purchase a new car or replace your windshield, be sure to call the K-TAG Customer Service Center at (316) 652-2650 to deactivate your tag. They will send you a new tag because your sticker tag will not work after you remove it from your windshield.

How many tags can I order?

On the order tags page of our website, you can order up to five sticker tags and unlimited hard case or bumper-mounted tags. To order more than five sticker tags, call (316) 652-2650.

I already have a K-TAG account; can I add more tags?

Yes, call (316) 652-2650 to order additional tags.

Can I transfer my tag between vehicles?

You cannot transfer sticker tags between vehicles. However, now that sticker tags are free, you can order up to five here or call (316) 652-2650 to order more, so every vehicle you own can have its own K-TAG. You can transfer hard case and bumper-mounted tags between vehicles. All K-TAGs must be properly mounted.

Can I just hold the tag up while I go through the K-TAG lane?

No. In order for your K-TAG to work properly and ensure your smooth passage through the K-TAG lane, you must properly mount your K-TAG in your windshield. Click here for an instructional video.

Where can I view the K-TAG Customer Agreement?

Click here to view the customer agreement.

How can I speak with a K-TAG Customer Service Rep?

Call (316) 652-2650. Representatives are available Monday - Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. except on holidays.

Can you provide a Kansas permit for my vehicle?

We cannot provide you with a permit for your vehicle, but we have listed several sources for obtaining a permit. Information about permits and commercial vehicles is available on-line from the Kansas Highway Patrol at www.kansashighwaypatrol.org. The phone number for central permits in Topeka, Kansas is (785) 296-2356. Alternatively, the Kansas Department of Motor Vehicles provides motor carrier references here.

Can you help me renew my license plate for my vehicle?

No, we do not renew or issue license plates. These questions should be directed toward your local county courthouse or department of motor vehicles. Visit the Kansas Treasurer's web site for more information on renewing or obtaining a new license plate for your vehicle.

How do I learn more about the Kansas Turnpike?

For general KTA information, visit our KTA About Page.

How can I receive text alerts about incidents on the roadway that might affect traffic?

You can sign up for KTA's Text Alerts by clicking here. These text alerts are provided free of charge by the KTA. However, standard text messaging rates may apply from your cellular service provider.

These text alerts are available to everyone, not just K-TAG customers and are in no way linked to your K-TAG account.

Also available at: AAA Locations & at The Merc in Lawrence, KS