Effective August 1, 2022

The purpose of this agreement is to allow you to electronically pay tolls on the Kansas Turnpike Authority ("KTA") system and at other KTA authorized facilities ("Authorized Facilities") through the use of KTA's electronic toll system ("KTAG"). An account must be opened and maintained with KTA to utilize your KTAG transponder.

This K-TAG User Agreement describes the terms and conditions related to the use of your K-TAG transponder and your account. If the terms of this agreement are not acceptable to you, you should discontinue the use of your transponder immediately and close your account.

The use, retention, or permitting others to use your K-TAG transponder constitutes acceptance of these terms and is equivalent to signing this Agreement. The KTA may alter, amend or otherwise change the terms and conditions of this Agreement at any time by providing notice to you. The Agreement currently in force and a list of Authorized Facilities may be viewed at www.myktag.com.

You must comply with all applicable traffic laws of the State of Kansas and the rules and regulations of the KTA while traveling the Kansas turnpike.

  • Use of K-TAG Transponder
    • You are required to install and use your transponder in accordance with instructions received from KTA. Failure to install your K-TAG in accordance with instructions could result in higher tolls or violations.
    • You agree to maintain a single transponder in your vehicle.
      • Multiple transponders in one vehicle may cause interference which could result in higher tolls or violations.
      • In the event that you also maintain a separate account with an Authorized Facility and use a transponder issued by that authority in your vehicle at the same time as your K-TAG transponder, you may incur duplicate toll transactions charged to each account for the same turnpike travel.
    • You agree to review your respective toll transactions to identify any duplicate or erroneous charges and bring them to the attention of KTA or the appropriate Authorized Facility for correction within 120 days of the incurred toll
  • Account Information
    • You agree to keep payment information updated as outlined in Section C of this agreement.
    • You agree to inform KTA immediately of any changes to your previously provided K-TAG Account information, i.e. address, phone number, credit/debit card information, etc.
    • You agree to provide KTA the license plate numbers for all vehicles associated with your K-TAG account and update your license plate information as needed. The license plate information will serve as a backup in the event that your transponder is not read. License plates do NOT replace the use of a transponder.
    • You are responsible for all tolls assessed to transponder(s) or license plates assigned to your Account until such time as you notify the KTA that a specific transponder or license plate should be removed from your Account.
    • Manage your account online at www.myktag.com or by contacting the K-TAG Customer Service Center (CSC) or automated phone system at 316-652-2650.
    • To protect your privacy, KTA will require that you provide verifying information to access your account. KTA reserves the right to deny access to your account if the requested verifying information is not provided. KTA will not provide information or take any action on your account unless it can be verified that KTA is speaking to either the primary or secondary contact on your account.
    • Updates made to your account through any account management tool provided by KTA will be binding.
  • Billing Cycles and Payments
    • You agree to maintain one of three valid forms of payment on file with your K-TAG account:
      • Credit/debit card
      • Authorization for recurring deduction from valid checking or savings account
      • Prepaid deposit to cover your monthly tolls, with an additional minimum replenishment amount of $20 per tag
    • You authorize the KTA to charge your credit/debit card, deduct from your checking/savings account, or deduct from your prepaid deposit the amount necessary to satisfy your obligations under this agreement. The timing of these transactions will occur as follows:
      • For customers with prepaid deposits with KTA, tolls will be deducted on or about the first business day of the month.
      • For customers with a credit/debit card on file with KTA, credit/debit cards will be charged on or about the 15th of the month. The card will not be charged until $10 or more in tolls have been accrued, or semi-annually.
      • For customers who have authorized a recurring deduction from a checking or savings account, the amount due that appears on your statement will be submitted to your bank for debit on or about the 15th of the month. The amount due will only be submitted to the bank when $10 or more in tolls have been accrued, or semi-annually. These deductions will be made pursuant to the terms and conditions of the Customer Recurring Payment Authorization, which can be viewed by logging in to your account management portal at www.myktag.com
      • KTA reserves the right to attempt the collection of tolls incurred from your debit/credit card or bank account a second time prior to invalidating your K-TAG.
  • KTA finance policies
    • A declined payment fee of $7.50 will be charged for any check or automatic deduction not paid on demand by your bank.
    • A late payment fee of one and one-half (1.5) percent will be charged to any payment not paid within the monthly billing cycle.
    • If you accrue a high volume of monthly tolls, KTA may require a cash deposit to secure your account or require a prepaid deposit of more than $20 per tag, based upon your usage.
    • KTA may refer any past due accounts to a collection agency.
    • Reactivation Fee: If the account becomes invalid due to nonpayment, a $5 fee will be charged to reactivate the account.
  • Account Invalidation and Closure
    • If your transponder or license plate associated with your account is lost, stolen or no longer in your possession, you agree to immediately notify KTA. Notification may be made by telephone, e-mail or mail. Until you notify KTA of any of the aforementioned circumstances, you will be responsible for any charges incurred on your account. Once you have properly notified KTA, the transponder or license plate will be removed from your account.
    • KTA reserves the right to close your account and invalidate your K-TAG transponder at any time.
    • Your K-TAG account is subject to immediate invalidation if:
      • Your credit/debit card is declined for any reason;
      • Your checking/savings account has insufficient funds to pay the tolls incurred, or;
      • Deductions to your prepaid deposit results in the total deposit amount falling below $0 and you fail to satisfy the statement received from KTA within 15 days.
    • You may close your K-TAG account at any time by calling or e-mailing the KTA.
  • Compatibility with other toll systems
    • Your K-TAG transponder may be used on the Kansas turnpike or at KTA Authorized Facilities. Contact the CSC or www.myktag.com for a listing of the Authorized Facilities.
    • Transactions from KTA Authorized Facilities will be charged to your KTAG Account in accordance with Section C of this agreement.
    • You authorize the KTA to share your Account contact information, including license plate information, with the Authorized Facility.
    • Use of your K-TAG transponder at an Authorized Facility subjects you to the rules and regulations of that facility.
    • Kansas specialty license plates are not shared with other states. If your KTAG does not read on an Authorized Facility outside of Kansas, you may be charged separately at a higher toll rate by that facility.
  • Special Vehicles and Circumstances
    • K-TAGs will not work with all vehicles. You are responsible to ensure the proper K-TAG transponder is utilized for your specific make and model vehicle. Contact the CSC for further information regarding vehicles and windshields with potential compatibility problems. Motorcycles, vehicles with special front windshield systems, or some commercial carriers such as car haulers require special transponders and/or special mounting instructions
  • Miscellaneous
    • You agree to pay all costs, including attorney's fees, incurred by KTA to enforce this agreement.
    • The laws of the State of Kansas govern this Agreement.
    • If any part of this Agreement is determined invalid, all other provisions remain in full force and effect.
    • Failure to comply with the terms of this Agreement may result in the termination of your Account and this Agreement.